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Paper Mug Lab, IT solutions provider

At Paper Mug Lab, our focus is on understanding the needs of the world and developing solutions with passion and innovation. As a leading IT solutions provider in India, established in 2018, we offer a wide range of services, from development to mission-critical applications, catering to clients of all levels, from beginners to experts in cutting-edge technologies. We are dedicated to providing our business clients with reliable and value-added corporate support and solutions. Our services include web design, development, and IT services. Our team of experienced, trained and professional developers cater to small and medium-sized companies worldwide, ensuring that we meet the specific needs of our clients.

Well wisher


Paper Mug Lab epitomises hard work, dedication, commitment and performance orientation. this guys has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to stretch beyond the call of duty in the pursuit of organisational objectives. Very focused and a well organised team. They have an uncanny skill to relate to clients and guide projects to maturity. With his commitment to the job and great inter personal skills team is an asset to the organisation. They has been a great asset to the team, willing to go that extra mile that makes all the difference.

Mehul Gupta
Product Strategist


Paper Mug Lab has an ability to produce very creative designs and do pixel perfect frontend development. they are self learner and always tries to stay ahead of the curve.

Finally, and not least, he is a pleasure to work and extremely focused.

Anant Singh
B2B SaaS | Customer Success


Excited is the keyword! anyone would love to have him on his too, and you should too. Pro at there work.. recommended for sure!

Rishikesh Lokapure
Independent Creative Solutions Consultant

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